Speaking of putting things in perspective, I was put to the test the other day.

Funny how every time I blog about something it appears in my life. Maybe I need to start blogging about winning the lottery. 🙂

So I took my MacBook to the Apple store thinking I just needed a new power cord. My laptop was down to 6% of its battery and wouldn’t recharge when I plugged it in. But when I got to Apple, the problem was more serious than I thought.

Turns out the water I spilled all over my computer four days prior was the REAL reason it now refused to turn on. I thought damage was spared because I rescued my computer from the puddle just seconds after the spill and silly me thought everything was fine because the screen was untouched.

Guess the five second rule doesn’t apply to electronics.

When the Apple Genius was explaining my options, my eyes glazed over and I lost my breath. Either I replace the computer or spend a good deal of money to fix it. An unexpected and unwelcomed expense no matter which option I choose.

So after taking lots of deep breaths and thanking the Apple Genius for being so patient with me while I recovered from my mini heart attack, I left the store with my now useless hunk of metal to mull over my options.

Do I get the Mac desktop I’ve been drooling over forever which could take my photography to a whole new level? Do I go the practical route and get the laptop since I travel so much? Should I just fix the one I have?

Or can I do without a computer altogether and spare myself the expense?

Nope. Not even an option. For how would I write?!

And that’s when it dawned on me- before our fancy laptops were invented and computers took up entire rooms, how did writers write?

Pen and paper! Brilliant!

So needless to say, in the interim where I’m living with no working computer of my own and trying my best to navigate a friend’s PC, I’ve rediscovered my love of long-hand and realized that just when you think the world is over, you’re always presented with an alternative solution.

So how about you? What piece of technology could you not bare to live without? And if made to, how would you survive?