So, I’ve been gone for much too long and I missed you guys! July was just MADNESS. Traveling between New York, Los Angeles, and Florida. Shooting the pilot for Wild About BarnsΒ  Dallas and promoting Kristen Lamb’s WANA International. Whew! Love to travel but glad to be home and back to normal.

Speaking of normal, on the flight out to LA I sat next to a family of four who were a perfect example of what “normal” has become. The mom and son sat next to me and the dad and daughter were on the aisle in front. The woman kept making these snide remarks but this one in particular floored me:

Mom (to flight attendant): Coke please.

Flight attendant: We’re all out. Is Pepsi okay?

Mom: You’re all out of Coke?

Flight attendant: Yes Mam. I’m sorry, we just ran out. But I do have Pepsi?

Mom: We can’t drink Pepsi. My husband works for Coke. *long sigh, rolls eyes* I guess we’ll have a Sprite. (turns to son) See, this is why we don’t fly American!

Son: This plane sucks!

Wow. What?! I’m thinking to myself, big deal. So you have to go without a Coke for 2 1/2 hours… it’s not life and death. But the mom was so put off by this that it tainted the entire plane ride for her and her family.

Really? It’s just a drink!

But then it dawned on me. We’re all like her in some way. Whether we get miffed because our Internet is down, or annoyed because our package arrived a day late, or Trader Joe’s is out of our favorite gluten-free bread.

We’re so used to instant gratification and the convenience of modern-day society that we’ve forgotten how lucky we are. We are the privileged few on this earth that don’t have to worry about our day-to-day survival. We don’t have to walk miles each day to find water that may or may not be swimming with deadly parasites. We don’t have to farm our own food or thatch our roofs to keep the rain out.

We have everything at our finger tips. Which is great. But if we’re not careful, we can lose touch, very quickly, with reality. And what really matters.

So how about you? How do you maintain perspective? Do you find yourself complaining about things that, in the long run, really don’t matter?