I just found an amazing book that inspires and encourages us singletons to hold out for The One.

Having run the gamut of the dating world, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s better to be alone than in bad company. And this is precisely how love and relationship expert Kathryn Alice feels.

Her book, Love Will Find You, has become my relationship bible.

Alice feels we’ve entered the Era of the Soulmate. Men and women alike have the opportunity to support themselves financially. It’s no longer a social taboo to remain single. And being an un-wed parent is more widely accepted by society as a whole. So really, the only reason left for being in a relationship is LOVE.

Hooray for LOVE!

First she asks us to believe that our soulmate is out there. 

Believing is key. We create our reality by what we choose to believe. So if we expect to find our perfect match, we must believe they’re out there.

The more you believe that you have a true love, the quicker you will attract that person.

Then she says that nothing will keep us from meeting our soulmate. And even if we don’t like going out to bars or online dating, she assures us that our paths will coincide. When I read that statement I wanted to shout it from the rooftops!

I believe that it is not possible to miss your soulmate, that forces beyond your control will propel you into each other’s arms. Nothing will keep you apart.

*sigh* Just love that. 🙂

For most of the book she focuses on the Love Magnets. The inner work we must do in order to welcome our soulmate into our lives. This includes setting an intention, clearing out all our negative thoughts around love, and letting go completely of any past relationships that might be hanging on to our heart.

She also stresses that staying true to ourselves and expressing our truth is vital. That if we present to others what we think is attractive and attempt to conceal our perceived flaws, our soulmate won’t recognize us. How could they if we’re too busy trying to be someone else?

Your soulmate will think your seemingly odd traits are attractive. Exuding the confidence that you’re good enough exactly as you are is the most powerful magnet there is.

So if you’ve been struggling out in the dating world, just know that there’s a special someone out there waiting to meet you. And by believing they’re out there, letting go of negative beliefs, and embracing the whole of you, love will find you.

So what’re your thoughts? Do you believe there’s someone out there who’s perfectly suited for you? Are you optimistic about finding true love? Or have you already found your soulmate? 😉

Photo courtesy of Frank Selmo