Kristen Lamb (age 6), Yours Truly (age 3)

Last May, when I decided to move back to my hometown of Fort Worth, a huge priority of mine was reconnecting with old friends. I am a VERY social creature and without my tribe, I am lost. Well not lost, but I would’ve been creeping around Starbucks all day trying to make new friends if I had had none to come home to.

So I started with my trusted few. Close friends I’d known since childhood and some old family friends. But there was one person I just KNEW I wanted to connect with.

A few months prior, a distant acquaintance from high school had friended me on Facebook. And when I say distant I mean we had probably only spoken a handful of times in the halls of our high school. She being a senior and I a freshman, our orbits hardly ever crossed.

So at this point we’d spent, 18 years apart. Living completely separate lives and never entering into each other’s consciousness.

Until Facebook.

And as often happens, by clicking “accept” we gained access to one another’s pages but for the most part, nothing changed. We remained acquaintances.

For several months leading up to my move, I’d see her posts scroll by.

Over and over again, I’d see these posts. And just as The Rule of 7 in advertising states, it started to sink in.

This girl’s a writer. And she’s serious. And she lives in FORT WORTH!

Meanwhile, I was navigating my way back into the writing world. I’d been a writer all my life. I was a trained journalist but during my acting years,Β writing had been relegated to a hobby.

Now that I was venturing into the uncharted waters of a career transition, writing was one of the things I desired to revisit.

Could this be my next career?


I’d taken classes in New York and been touch-and-go with my memoir and screenplay and consistency was nill.

So thankfully my subconscious brain made the connection and convinced me to contact Kristen as soon as I got home.

She seemed to have it all together as a professional writer so I was hoping it’d rub off on me via osmosis. Or something.

So we met up. Had a chat. And were instant peeps.

Soul sisters separated at birth.

And she reminded me that we’d met when I was only three. At my parent’s ballet studio. She was one of the big kids that I looked up to in awe.

So we began hanging out on a weekly basis. Me- getting her out of her mommy/writer comfort zone taking her to museums and introducing her to Bikram yoga. She- getting me to focus and start taking my writing to the next level as a professional.

But never could we have imagined the magnitude to which this casual friending on Facebook would lead to.

Now, one year later, we’ve formed a company together which is going to revolutionize the world of the arts. Or at least that’s our goal. πŸ˜‰

I have found the job I am meant to do. Which is supporting artists and creating art.

I am more proud of this project that anything I’ve ever done to date. The evolution of this business has given me so many Aha moments in that now I know why I was put on this earth.

And I owe this all to Facebook.

So while some of us begrudge it. Complain that it’s a time suck. Or don’t find the point of it all.Β Just know that if you allow it, this revolutionary communication medium could very well connect you to the destiny you never even knew you wanted.

So how about you? How has social media positively affected your life? I wanna hear your stories now. πŸ™‚