Every time we’re about to advance in life, guaranteed SOMETHING will come along to test us. To test that desire. To see if we’re really ready to take on this next level of life.

This is normal. This is just the way the Universe works.

It’s as though the Universe is saying, Are you sure? You sure you’re ready for this? Alright… prove it to me.

And how do we prove we’re ready? By staying calm during our trials. Going with the flow of what comes our way and staying open to the lesson that is sure to present itself.

There is always something to be learned during times of trial and there’s a good chance that what we’re meant to learn, will help take us to that “next level.”

That promotion. That relationship. That deeper experience of life.

It’s like a saying I recently heard– All great changes are preceeded by chaos.

It must be some sort of natural law.

But unfortunately during this time, some of us get defeated. We take it as a sign that we’re not meant to follow our desired path or we allow our feelings to distract us and keep us in a stronghold, preventing forward movement.

We allow the trial that’s meant to prepare us for what it is we do want, to knock us down. Instead of realizing, it’s only a test.

So if we find ourselves getting frustrated at repeating the same patterns or experiences over and over in our lives, perhaps we’re not paying attention to the lesson during our “setbacks.”

Two steps forward, one step back.

It’s completely normal.

In ballet, we sometimes take a step back before we leap forward.

Depending on the type of dance, it might be a very quick step. Other times, it might be very long and slow.

Either way, that step back gets us to where we need to be.

So instead of looking at those bumps in the road as negative, how about seeing them as invaluable preparation. A place to build momentum. To learn. To grow.

Dig down deep into whatever comes up and use those insights like rocket fuel to propel you toward the life you’ve always dreamed of.

So how about you? When things get tough, how do you manage? How do you successfully navigate these road blocks? Ever found hidden powers or abilities you didn’t know you had until you were put to the test?