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In one of my recent blogs, I brought up the topic of purpose and doing what you MUST do with your life. Not what you feel you “should.” And I received a really interesting comment which inspired me to explore this topic a little more deeply.

Julia noted that the business of “pursuing your passion” or finding your calling has become a billion dollar industry. And commented on how she sees it producing anxiety in people around her because they haven’t yet found “it”. Their dream. What they’re destined to do. And how sad it is to see them so miserable.

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And it is. For those who don’t have a clear purpose, or passion as Julia has called it, it can be overwhelming and seem very elusive. And since I’ve been on both sides of the fence- having been out of touch with my purpose and then finding it and living it- I want to attempt to alleviate some of this pressure from those on the search.

We all acknowledge that there’s two types of people. Those like Beatrice Rana who found their calling from a very young age and those who find their passion and purpose later in life.

If you are still trying to figure out what to do with your life right now, what your purpose is, try this on for size.

Forget about purpose for a minute. Forget about having to HAVE some vision for your life.

What is it you feel compelled to do right now? Today?

What do you WANT to do today?

If your day job isn’t doing it for you, is there something that’s been in the back of your mind for a while that you’ve just been ignoring?

If you don’t know, just be patient. It’ll come to you.

And if you consistently act upon things you honestly feel COMPELLED to do (not things you feel you should do) guaranteed that will lead you to a purposeful life which is essentially, living and acting upon your truth.

I think where many of us get caught up is trying to figure it all out. What that big picture is supposed to look like. And that creates the pressure that Julia mentioned. And especially if we expect to make money right away from what we find to be our purpose.

But it’s really quite simple. Visions and dreams are great for those who have them but if you don’t, don’t fret. You’re not alone. And if you really have a passion for finding your purpose, you can make it just this simple.

That’s what I did, and it worked for me. πŸ™‚

So how bout you? If you found your purpose later in life, how did you find it? What advice would you give others? If you’re searching for purpose, does this make sense? If not, let’s discuss. This is a subject I’m passionate about and I’d love to hear your thoughts. πŸ™‚