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So I’m gonna share a little somethin’ with y’all. I just got back from a week-long vacation and dove into a week of chaos. Between manditory overtime at work, tech week for my show with Contemporary Dance Fort Worth, the show itself, and all kinds of other things that popped up, I was on overload. And of course, had no time to write.

So in kicked insomnia. Well, each night last week I’d try a barrage of things to get to sleep. You name it, I tried it. Including 5 mg of melatonin which usually knocks most people out for a good day! Me– nothin’.

Finally at my wit’s end one night I sat and said, “Okay, if I’m not gonna sleep, I might as well get some work done!”

And I did. I started writing and lo and behold, I fell sound asleep within an hour and found the cure for my insomnia —



How simple was that?

What I learned through this experience is that although they (the experts) tell us that we should get 8 hours of sleep at night or should go to bed by 10pm, each one of us requires something different. That should go without saying with all areas of our life but I was so scope-locked on the idea that I should have been sleeping at midnight, not working. That to be balanced I needed to be asleep and getting rested for the next day.

But that’s not the clock I’m on right now. Especially since I’m moonlighting, having a real day-job and doing my passion work of writing at night. SO, my body was actually smarter than me. It was trying to tell me I had unfinished business for the day. Which is a beautiful thing.

So next time you have a sleepless night, ask yourself, what did I not get to today? Sometimes it may not be so obvious. It may be something that seems insignificant but run the list through your mind and see if you can pin point it before reaching for outside aides. Peace of mind always makes for the best sleep. In my opinion anyway. And you don’t wake up with a Nyquil hangover. 😉

So how bout you? What must you do everyday to have peace of mind and restful sleep? If you’re a creative like me, are you as bothered as I am when you don’t get to create? I’m curious so do share. 🙂