When I miss class for one day, I know it. When I miss class for  two days, my teacher knows it.
When I miss class for three days, the  audience knows it.
~Rudolf Nureyev, legendary 20th century ballet dancer

Who better to look to for an example of focus and discipline than a dancer?

Having been raised by two professional ballet dancers as parents, I was unknowingly surrounded by this mentality since the day I was born. Now, when I left ballet, it took me awhile to realize what ballet had taught me outside of the physicality aspect but now I realize what a gift it was.

No matter what our prior experience, there’s always a gift that can be applied to today.

And what Nureyev is reminding us of is the importance of a DAILY practice. It takes that daily effort, focus, and determination to become great at anything. And ultimately, it’s really up to us. To how great we want to become at whatever we pursue.

So how bout you? How many days does it take you to “know it”? Are you able to take daily action toward your goals? If not, what’s getting in your way?

Today’s quote is courtesy of my dear mother that has proven she’s more tech savvy than me at times. 🙂

Photo courtesy of Michael Peto