Be thankful for what you have, you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will, never, ever have more. ~ Oprah

Earlier this week I had a “moment.” Where it hit me how much in my life I’d been taking for granted.

I was telling a friend about an issue I was having which was work related and she pointed out to me that the solution was right in front of my face. It’d been there all along!

For months I’d been agonizing over what to do about said problem but in that moment, it was as if the clouds lifted and I could see the reality of my life. Clear as day. I was enormously relieved and slept better that night than I had in months.

Now… I’ve had these epiphanies before. Moments of clarity that translate into profound gratitude. But of course, as we tend to do, I get back into my daily grind and forget what it is I have and the pursuit of more takes over.

What often happens, I feel, is we get so used to chasing after things- jobs, relationships, money, personal goals- we can’t enjoy what’s right in front of us. I read a book once that talked about this theory. That if we’re in constant pursuit of something… even when we get the thing we’re pursuing, we aren’t satisfied since the mode of pursuit is so ingrained in us. So we go on to pursue the next thing, that won’t satisfy us.

This is what the advertising industry plays off of. That feeling that what we have is never enough. So we have to buy more, do more, try harder. But the reality is, we have it better than most anyone on this planet. And no matter how bad we think we may have it, millions of others have it worse.

So on this week of thanksgiving, can you stop and really look around at what it is you have in your life, and give thanks? Can you be satisfied with what you have NOW?

The pursuit of more is the American way and it can be a noble pursuit. But not if it blinds us to what we have right now. And as I discovered on a whole new level this week, sometimes the answer to our happiness and satisfaction is right before our eyes. We just have to stop long enough to see it.

Give thanks. Be giving. Everyday.

So how about you? What is it you have to be thankful for today?