For about a month now, one of my teachers at Urban Yoga has been discussing the natural state of  what we go through this time of year. And every time I hear him, it rings true.

Fall is a time of turning inward. Reevaluating. Shedding that which no longer serves us.

Many cultures around the world celebrate their New Year in September for this reason. It’s ingrained in our bodies to go through this process. To pause and reflect upon the past year and decide what it is we want for the coming year.

I, for one, have certainly felt fall’s effects. Which is why I’ve been a bit more quiet in both my real and virtual worlds. I love writing and the blogosphere and I believe in discipline and pushing through whatever creative blocks we experience but sometimes we must surrender.

Sometimes surrendering can be our most powerful action.

Letting go. This is something I wrote a lot about last spring and a subject I quite enjoyed delving into, though I was tested on the matter constantly. Apparently as soon as you start teaching something, you’re sure to be met with situations that test your ability to practice what you preach.

Letting go is nothing I made up. It’s just a law of nature and a huge part of any spiritual practice.

I know with our many obligations and fast-paced lives it can be hard to grasp this concept. We have a tendency in our culture to never stop. No matter what time of year, we always go go go. Slow is a four-letter word used to describe things we detest like dial-up or snail mail. We feel if we slow down, we might miss something.

But this really isn’t our fault. I believe it has a lot to do with technology’s effect on us. We’ve just simply gone with the flow.

For decades now, scientists and engineers have made it their goal to new and improve everything. To make things quicker in an attempt to enhance our lives. To make things more convenient.

Noble goals and thanks to them, we can zap our meals in the microwave in 5 minutes instead of laboring for hours. Or check stocks, pay bills and say hi to friends through one, lighting-fast medium as opposed to the long form we dealt with in the past.

But instead of adding time to our lives through these convenient technologies, it seems none of us ever has enough time.

Most of us are stressed, over-worked, over-tired and barely take the time to come up for air.

So don’t feel guilty if you too are feeling the desire to slow down in your life right now and know that it’s only natural. By slowing down and taking the time to reevaluate and reprioritize, we may very well add the time to our lives that we so desperately seem to need.

So how about you? Do you feel the need to slow down this time of year? What’s your favorite part of fall? Have you felt the need to let go of people or things in your life lately? Do share. 🙂