For the last few months, I’ve been in the process of decorating. Having been used to really small, New York spaces, I didn’t have enough stuff to fill an 800 square foot apartment. Even after shipping my belongings from LA, which had sat in storage for years because they were too BIG for my New York apartments. I have so much space, I don’t know what to do with it!

So I enlisted the help of a friend who’s really good at decorating. But she soon got frustrated with how long it takes me to make a decision.

I’m just one of those people who can’t buy something unless I REALLY love it. Because in my mind, I’m gonna be stuck with it for a while.

I know there’s Craigslist and whatnot for resale but I’d rather just get it right the first time because the likelihood of me going through the trouble to resell something, is slim to none. Just not my thing. I’d rather give it away.

So after we decided I should just decorate my place myself, I began shopping around. Diligently. But finding nothing.

Well, not true actually. I found pieces I loved but they were a bit out of my budget.

I fantasize about the day when I can walk into ABC Carpet and Home and buy whatever my heart desires. If you haven’t been to this store, take a trip the next time you’re in New York. Luxury and extravagance at its finest… one day. 🙂

So after coming home empty-handed again last night from a shopping excursion, I’d had enough.

I sat down and really started to evaluate my space.

You see… it’s not about material things, it’s about feeling at home. Which is really important to me. I feel like I don’t function as well in other parts of my life if my home base isn’t homey.

I blame it on being a Cancer. 😉

So I started to ask myself, what would make me feel at home? What’s missing??

Then, I started to wonder what my couch would look like on the opposite side of the room. And perhaps I could bring the bookshelf in from the bedroom and use it as a TV stand. And so I began pushing and hauling everything around, hanging pictures on different walls, drilling and hammering away at 9 o’clock at night, half expecting my neighbors to come beating on my door… 30 minutes later, my space had completely transformed and I was beaming from ear to ear.

Of course there’s still things I’d like to add but now it’s comfortable. Now I can relax in my own environment. Now I have my sanctuary. Without spending a dime.

Just another testament to the old adage that we are whole and complete, just as we are. And everything we need lies within.

In this case, everything I needed lay within the walls of my apartment. It just needed a little rearranging.

So how bout you? Ever searched for something for a while, later realizing it was there all along? How do you make your home your HOME? If you had an unlimited budget, where would you shop to decorate your home?