Years ago in LA, my chiropractor was in need of a very specific type of personal trainer. She needed someone who had an understanding of energy work and how to incorporate this into a client’s training. Someone who would be able to help aid people in their healing, not just tone their body.

When she explained all this to me, I referred a friend of mine, knowing he would be the perfect fit.

They met. Hit it off. And began their collaboration for years to come.

After two years away from LA, I visited in July and had dinner with my friend. Turns out, while he still maintains personal training clients, his career as an acting coach has taken off so big that now he’s being flown all around the world to work with A-list actors and directors. And one of his clients just won an Emmy!

A trained actor and director himself, he feels he’s finally found his calling. He’s gaining recognition for his talents on a whole new level and experiencing a level of financial security that he never had in the past. He can now live the lifestyle he enjoys while doing what he loves.

After telling me of all his new career developments, he thanked me.

At first I didn’t quite understand why but then he explained that the energy work he honed in his personal training business had a direct effect on how he coaches actors.

I was a bit taken back by all this credit. In my mind, all I did was one little thing– I made a referral and connected two people.

But that’s just it. I connected two people.

Took very little effort on my part but that introduction is what helped catapult my friend into the industry he’s always wanted to work in.

So let’s never underestimate the impact we have on each other. One word, one nod of encouragement, one introduction could be all a person needs to get them on their way.

So how about you? What person or event in your life helped get you to where you are today? Ever done a seemingly insignificant thing that greatly impacted someone else’s life? I would love to hear your stories. 🙂

Photo courtesy of Melody Campbell