How often do you feel frustrated in your life?

Do you feel you’re living your life in harmony with the people and world around you or do you experience conflict on a regular basis?

What is the state of your most intimate relationships?

In my opinion, living in peace has got to be a major priority in our lives. The hippies had it right! For once we’re at peace within ourselves, life opens up for us and becomes much more enjoyable.

I know we all have our worries. We worry about our financial security, we have career concerns, health concerns, maybe we’re dealing with family issues that are causing us a lot of heartache and stress. But through my journey in life thus far, I’ve learned that no matter what life throws at us, we have the power within to maintain our peace.

Joyce Meyer says, where there’s no peace, there’s no power.Β 

Think about that.

Every time we allow ourselves to get upset, we give away our power.

Every time we indulge in negative feelings, we give away our power.

Every time we let someone else ruin our day, we give away our power.

Every. Single. Time.

And without our power, what do we have? How can we expect to live the life we dream of if we give away our power all the time?

There are two forces at work here on earth- light and dark. And we have the ability each and every day to decide which one we will amplify.

The more we focus on the positive and light within and around us, the more peace and power we maintain.

If we let darkness and negativity creep in, we become a passive victim in our own lives.

And completely powerless.

So which is going to be, today?

I know keepin’ the peace within is not easy, so what helps you? Any tips or advice to share?