For quite some time now I’ve been blogging about this new business I was starting up with a long-lost friend I reconnected with on Facebook. Now, after many months of working round the clock and pouring all our heart and soul into this endeavor, I present to you–

Kristen Lamb and I are passionate about helping artists. We know what it’s like to feel alone and lost when the world is telling you you’re out of your mind for pursuing an artistic career. We both tried the “traditional” career routes only to come full circle to what our true callings are – supporting artists and creating art.

WANA stands for We Are Not Alone, the title of Kristen’s #1 best-selling social media book. Along with creating a comprehensive online training program at WANA International we’ve created the WANA Tribe, a social network just for artists. We were inspired by the movie Midnight in Paris and thought it’d be so cool if we could digitally recreate the salons of Paris where artists across all disciplines came together to connect and create.

So without further ado, I invite you to visit us at and join us at WANA Tribe. The home for anyone who’s an artist at heart 🙂

Check it out and let us know what you think!

For a little bit more in-depth detail about the biz, here’s an excerpt from Kristen’s blog for her writing community —

Gift #1 WANA Learn?

WANA International–Empowering Artists of the Digital Age

WANA International is here to help the artist of the Digital Age. We have over 40 instructors all over the world. We offer holistic training for the artist.


We have craft training from some of the top authors in the business—New York Times Best-Selling & USA Today Best-Selling Author Shirley Jump, Nationally Best-Selling Author James Scott Bell, award-winning author and revered writing teacher Les Edgerton, Vicki Hinze (RITA Award Winner who has over a million books in print). These are just of the few talented individuals we have to help you guys learn to be faster, better, cleaner writers. From plotting to dialogue, we have you covered.


Want to finally learn how to use some of those programs you paid good money for? Not only do we have the best technology trainers, but they are all artists. They are all using the technology for their writing career. They speak your language!

Social Media

Need a platform? Need to learn to blog? Want to learn how to use Pinterest, G+, Goodreads, Tumblr, Flikr, Twitter, etc.? Not only does WANA International have a class, all our classes are taught by writers using the technology successfully. Our instructors are not from a PR firm or “marketing experts” with marketing/promotion companies and services to sell.

Our instructors are all writers who understand marketing and promotion using social media, and they are using it successfully without using automation, form letters or spamming people. Our instructors all use WANA methods.

I can only learn so many social platforms, but with my WANA team? We’ve got all the bases covered. Learn the WANA Way for any platform you choose, and, if the platform makes a major change? *cough* *Timeline* WANA will have you covered.


Balanced writers are happy and productive writers. Our lifestyle, attitude and health affects our art, so we need to learn ways to manage all these new roles we’ve gained in the Digital Age. At WANA, we care about the whole artist–mind, body and soul. This is why we offer training for time-management, setting boundaries, and nutrition for maximum productivity, just to name a few.


When should writers form an LLC? What about taxes? What should writers look for in a contract? How do we decide when to go indie versus traditional? How do we land an agent? Write a query letter? What do we look for in an agent? Do we still need an agent even if we are self-published? How can we succeed using KDP Select? When do we need a web site? What advantages are there to book trailers? How do we find the right cover design? How do we do a book launch? A blog tour? Score a book review?

The writing business has become a whole new level of complicated. But no fear, WANA is here. We bring you literary agents, entertainment lawyers, and the top experts in publishing to answer your questions and train you to be an Artist-Entrepreneur.

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