This morning I awoke to no electrical power. We had some crazy storms blow through last night which woke me up at 4am and had me frantically scanning’s forecast to make sure we weren’t under any tornado warnings.

I grew up in North Texas and never even batted an eyelash when storms blew through in the past. In fact, during the 2000 tornado that shook downtown Fort Worth, I’d missed the thing by about 15 minutes, having left my office building just before it hit. As it proceeded to take two lives and rack up $560 million in damages, the 10th worst tornado in U.S. history, I was just a few miles away, comfortably tucked away in my yoga class. Flowing through asanas with no clue about the evil funnel cloud’s presence until I heard the news later that night.

But after having spent 11 years living in other states only to come home to last month’s tornado frenzy that spawned 18 tornadoes in our DFW metroplex, I’m now a little more weary when I hear the thunder roll.

So after scanning the weather reports and noting that we were most likely in the clear, I felt comfortable falling back asleep for a few more hours.

But here we are. Under a deadline to launch our new business in a few days and we have no power. So instead of freaking out that we have no access to the main computer, my business partner and I took what we could from our office and headed off to find wi-fi.

Thank god for Starbucks!

The timing of the outage is uncool, to say the least. But instead of getting wrapped up in our loss for the day, which easily would’ve happened to me in the past, we are making the most of what we have. Going with the flow and maintaining our calm within the storm.

Proof that all those years of yoga actually have paid off. 😉

Our reactions define our life. And there are an infinite number of reactions to any given situation. Either we allow outside influences to have power over us or we recognize that our power within is far greater and able to sustain us through most anything we could ever encounter.

So how bout you? How do you find your calm within the storm?

Photo by LiebeDich