So now that we’ve been spending some time talking about Spring Cleaning and dabbled a little into the how, I know some of you may be thinking — Okay. It’s fine and good and all to let go and “free” ourselves up in our lives, but how do we differentiate between what we keep and what we let go of?

Good question. πŸ˜‰ And one that took me YEARS to figure out. So hopefully this post will save you some time.

First I’ll explain what works for me (it’s pretty simple) and then give you some other perspectives because ultimately, it comes down to what works for you. So take what works and leave what doesn’t.

Follow Your Heart

For me, deciding whether or not I let someone or something go all comes down to heart. What is my heart is telling me?

Now, I had to find ways to sort through all the riff-raff in my brain that was distracting me in order to actually hear my heart. And break through all the shoulds and coulds and years of being a people pleaser. But Bikram yoga, the right diet, and meditation, all helped me get to where I was thinking clearly, not second guessing decisions, and doing things that were right for me. Not because I was trying to please somebody.

The wisdom of our heart runs deep and once I started trusting what my heart was telling me and taking action in my daily life, feelings of peace, joy, and love grew exponentially.

Some of us are more in touch with our hearts than others so getting to “the heart of the matter” may take longer for some. But in my experience, this has been the best way to discern what to shed in my life and is the best investment of time I’ve made thus far.Β Once I found my heart, I found my purpose.Β 

So if you’re not sure what your heart’s telling you, hang in there and know you’re not alone. Start with the intention and the answers as to howΒ to get in touch with your heart will be revealed.

Additional Perspectives on Letting GoΒ 

The Secret to Success — Quitting by Kristen Lamb may seem counterintuitive upon first glance, but her advice is right on. We need to learn when to quit what isn’t working in our lives and realize that quitting, letting go, WILL lead us to the greatest success of our lives.

Follow Your Heart by Lisa Symmes talks about the majesty that’s revealed in our lives when we follow our hearts. This incredibly moving post is a great reminder as to why we must listen to our hearts.

The Review — Are Your Relationships Good for Your Health? Debra Kristi gives us a very thorough checklist on how to identify toxic relationships. And if you’re still feeling bad about letting certain people go, she reminds us that, “Unhealthy friendships can poison your own personal well-being.” Brilliant.

Letting Go of Toxic Friends ReneΓ© Schuls-Jacobson shares a touching story with us that shows just how hard it can be to let go of a friend. And that sometimes, avoidance may be our best tactic.

So what’re your thoughts? Do you ever have trouble letting go or does it come naturally for you? How do you decide what to let go of?


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