This beautiful video reminds me of the time I visited my ex-husband’s grandfather in a nursing home on Christmas Day. He had Alzheimer’s, hardly spoke, and didn’t recognize any of us. Not even his own daughter.

We were all just sitting around, trying to make small talk, trying to connect, when I got the idea to start singing Christmas carols. The mood was so sad in the room and it was the only thing I could think of to cheer everyone up.

As soon as I started singing Jingle Bells, Grand Dad perked up and immediately joined in the chorus.

He remembered every word of the song.

Singing through my own tears, this moment engrained a mark deep within my soul… an experience I will never forget.

Music was the only means by which we were able to connect with him. And thank god we did. A year later, he was gone.

Never underestimate the power of art.