We’re gonna take a break from Spring Cleaning to talk about LOVE today. I recently came across a fantastic article about love that I felt compelled to share. Especially for my single guys and gals out there. πŸ˜‰

In When “He’s Not My Type” Ends Up Being “the One”, Leslie Bennetts admits that she initially thought her husband of 24 years was not her type. She had always been attracted to powerful older men and Jeremy was a peer, three years her junior.

When I met Jeremy, we were at the same stage in life. So why didn’t I recognize him as a kindred spirit? The fact that he didn’t match up with my mental checklist of things I was looking for only goes to show you how absurd such a checklist is in the first place.

They were colleagues who developed a friendship, working together on the same assignments, and she scoffed when her friends inquired about their growing relationship. But over time she began to realize that the very man she thought to be completely against her type was, indeed, the one.

Through this article she encourages and inspires her single readers to broaden their perspectives. And consider those who they may not feel an instant spark.

When I talk to younger friends, they often tell me about men they’ve rejected after one date. “He’s not my type,” they insist. “There was no chemistry.” If I urge them to keep an open mind, they snort derisively and assure me that they know what they’re talking about… The first night I spent with Jeremy showed me that I knew approximately as much about discerning chemistry as I do about nuclear physicsβ€” and I feel sad for what they might be missing.

Maybe what it is we THINK we want, isn’t always the best thing for us. Kind of like the saying goes — Life doesn’t always give you what you want but what you need.

Sometimes what life has in store for us is far greater than anything we could ever envision ourselves. But unless we open ourselves up to that possibility, it may very well pass us by.

So what’s your experience been? Are you struggling out in the dating world? Do you think it might be time to let go of your specific type and open yourself up to new possibilities? For the married folk out there, did you know right away your spouse was the one?