So how’s the Spring Cleaning coming along? Need a little support?

I know I do. Ever since I started blogging about Spring Cleaning I’ve started to notice the weeds in my own life. And since I know it can be all-consuming, at least for some of us high achievers out there 😉 , I wanted to give us some tools to work with.

In Psychology Today, Dorothy Firman touches upon a lot of what we’ve talked about thus far but digs a little deeper.

Our inner world is often like a house we inherited from our parents, fully furnished and full of their stuff… The closets are stuffed with regrets, resentments, obsessions and a rather large and dangerous pile of junk. It could topple at any minute and crush us. But we hold onto it anyway. There may be a treasure buried there, but the house is too full and even if there is buried treasure, we don’t get to enjoy it. It is lost in the mess.

Identifying what it is that no longer serves us is the first step. Then she suggests we replace those negative thoughts and habits with positive ones like gratitude, acceptance, and love, to name a few.

This is something I’ve been practicing in my own life. Some days are easier than others. But I’ve found the most affective way for me to change a negative habit or thought-pattern, is to focus on its opposite. The negative will naturally weed itself out if we’re combating it with a positive thought or action.

It’s kind of like potty training my dog. So long as I was reprimanding her for the mistakes she made in the house, she wasn’t learning and both of us were left frustrated and confused. But as soon as I started rewarding her for positive behavior and stopped punishing her for bad behavior, she began to understand what I was asking of her and gave me the positive results I wanted.

How can we expect positive results from ourselves if we keep focusing on our failings?

So it’s really just a matter of replacing our negative thoughts with positive ones. It really is that simple. Thoughts are the foundation of our destiny and any behavior, belief, feeling, and action can all be traced back to a thought.

It’s up to us to do the dirty work. Work that Firman believes should be a daily practice, like brushing our teeth. And I completely agree. Tending to our negative thoughts on a daily basis is vital so we can preserve our precious, mental real estate for thoughts that will enhance our life.

To read Firman’s full article on Spring Cleaning: From the Inside Out, click here.

So how bout you? How do you manage your inner life? Do you think tending to our inner life is as important as tending to our outer life? Any tips or suggestions for our daily mental maintenance?