This video leaves me in tears every time. Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor is a brain scientist who had the rare opportunity to witness her own stroke, study it from the inside out, and bring back to us rare insight from her near-death experience.

She comments so eloquently on the enormity and beauty of life. Life seen from the right-brain perspective. A Harvard grad, Taylor says, “I’ve got as much out of this experience of losing my left mind as I have in my entire academic career.” She details her story in her New York Times Bestseller, My Stroke of Insight: A Brain Scientist’s Personal Journey .

Please take the time to watch this beautiful video. Like I said in Learning to Love the Meantime, no one seeks tragedy but oddly enough, it can be one of the best gifts we ever receive. And fortunately enough for us, Taylor’s experience not only inspired and changed her perceptions on life, but her story has managed to affect millions of other people. Her TED video alone has over 7 million views.

I’ve certainly had my share of trials and tragedies over the last five years that I thought I’d never get through. Death of my father, divorce, broken bones, and heartache from a man I was deeply in love with. But in a way, after sifting through the ashes, each gave me beauty and blessings I treasure to this day.

For instance, had my ex-boyfriend not broken my heart, I would’ve never moved to New York and realized a dream I’d held so dear since childhood. In that break, he gave me a gift. A gift that took me on this crazy gypsy journey and brought me back to my real mission in life. Helping others. And now, I couldn’t be happier. I learned what it takes to find fulfillment and now, nothing can take that away from me.

So now I wanna hear from you! What trials or tragedies have happened to you that changed the trajectory of your life for the better? Have you ever faced a devastation so horrible you thought you wouldn’t survive but now proudly wear that badge of honor that made you stronger? For those who watched Taylor’s Stroke of Insight, what did you think?

I’d love to hear from you and if you want to read more, here’s the direct link to Taylor’s story on