Life is so precious.

Ask any parent as they first embrace their newborn child. Ask any victim of a plane crash who miraculously walked away. Ask any person who fought and won their battle with cancer.

No one seeks tragedy but oddly enough, it can be one of the best gifts we ever receive. Tragedy can shake us from our daily stupor and the effects on us can be life-changing.

One of the challenges of life is learning not to take it for granted. Wouldn’t you agree? It’s so easy to get side-tracked by all our many obligations, but I encourage us all to remind ourselves on a daily basis just how lucky we are to be here. And that we’re exactly where we’re meant to be, in this very moment.

Accepting that the credit card debt is just the reality of where we may be. Or accepting that we made mistakes in the past but are trying the best we can to make anew. Accepting that we’re not perfect, but we do what we can with what we’ve been given.

That we can still love our life now, despite the fact that we want more.

Often times, the expectation of where we think we’re meant to beΒ  is what causes discord within us and our lives. Often hurting those we love the most. This idea that we’re supposed to have a certain car, or house, or partner, or salary is not what life is about.

Life is about giving to one another in love and service.

Life is about right here, right now, because tomorrow is never a guarantee.

Life is about learning to love the meantime because it may be all we ever have.

So many of us depend on when.

I’ll be happy when I get married.

I’ll be happy when I make partner.

I’ll finally be able to enjoy my life when I’m financially independent.

I hope we all achieve our wildest dreams, but what if we don’t? What if we come close but fall short of our intended goal? Can we still be happy?Β  Can we still enjoy our life?

Being happy in the meantime is really just about loving the now. And as I’m finding, once we can learn to love the now, life opens up and gives us exactly what we need to find fulfillment. May not always come in the package we expect, but I almost prefer it that way. Surprises are fun πŸ™‚

So how about you? Do you find it easy to enjoy the meantime and find peace amidst the chaos of life? Or is it hard to enjoy the now? Did it take you a while to realize you could enjoy your life in the meantime or have you always had that joie de vivre about you? What helps you maintain your happiness on a daily basis? What tips and recommendations do you have?

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